Its touristic and sportive harbour

Puerto turístico y deportivo
Amarres en Alcudia
Barcos en el puerto de Alcudia
Capitanía Alcudiamar
Puerto en Alcudia Mallorca
Gasolinera en el puerto de Alcudia
Varadero en Alcudiamar


foto bienvenidaWelcome from the CEO and General Manager

I am obliged to welcome you to this virtual space where we strive to approach seafarers and visitors from all parts of the world. Through our website we would like to reveal the services and innovations that we have on offer and provide you with a channel through which you can get in touch with us whenever you want to.

Alcudiamar Port works towards tackling the new challenges faced by us every day, adapting the services and port facilities to improve the comfort of our customers.

Alcudiamar is a lot more than just a safe haven for seafarers, it is a placewhere you can go for a peaceful stroll, visit its stores, taste the delicious dishes of its restaurants, do some sightseeing, take part in its events and serve as a base and starting point for the practice of enthralling sports such as sailing, fishing or diving.

The Alcudiamar Botel, a nautical themed four-star hotel is a striking feature of Alcudiamar. It is a unique hotel that has an atmosphere that resembles the one on a boat. It offers an exceptional comfort zone, spacious gardens, pool, gym, mini spa, and buffet breakfast and dinner entailing varied local and international cuisine.

The Alcudiamar horizon is a place to fix your gaze on and proceed to every day. It is a horizon that always becomes outlined and helps us understand the importance of not reaching it, but of rather always moving towards excellence, on the path of modernity and satisfaction.

Bartomeu Bestard
CEO and General Manager of Alcudiamar


Alcudiamar is a strategic infrastructure for Mallorca. Its location in the north of the island (03°08’E-39°49’N) makes this port a safe haven for all types of sporting, recreational and fishing boats of all lengths and conditions.

The proximity of the Serra de Tramuntana, on whose foot the Alcudia Bay is located, the charm of the Mediterranean Sea and the rich biodiversity of the largest wetland area of Mallorca set up a unique environment.

But Alcudiamar is a lot more tan a safe and beautiful place of mooring. With its modern port services and extensive range of accommodation, leisure, catering, sports and trade Alcudiamar endears itself to the public, boaters and visitors, tourists and residents, professionals and individuals, sea lovers or those who simply wish to spend a few leisurely moments shopping, trying out local and international cuisine and checking out the beauty of an unparalleled landscape.

The culture occupies a place of honor just 3 kilometers from the port, in the walled city of Alcudia and the ruins of the ancient Roman metropolis of Pollentia. It is there that this historical artistic site declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest, an enchanting place that one cannot stop visiting, is located.


The professional team of Alcudiamar is available to assist you and make you feel at home, willing to cater to any doubt or need that you may have during your stay, before or after visiting us.

Officers, sailors, shipyard technicians, maintenance and cleaning staff, security guards… experienced and trained professionals who are the greatest asset of Alcudiamar, whose main aim is to ensure the comfort and well-being of the entire community comprising of users and visitors.

At Alcudiamar, we want to simplify your paperwork, assist you with any berthing and unberthing maneuvers, provide you with all the information that you need, keep our facilities always ready and, all in all, ensure that your stay at Alcudiamar is a pleasant and worthwhile experience.

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